Picture of downtown Grundy Center buildings.
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Board of Directors & Committees


President: Kevin Swalley
Vice-President: Todd Geer
Secretary: Barb Smith 
Treasurer: Blaine Moats
Executive Secretary: 

Name Term Expires
Bangasser, Dan April 2016
Copeman, Jim April 2015
Bingman, Ryan April 2014
Eberline, Paul April 2016
Grimmius, Dale April 2014
Mauer, Gary April 2016
Mennen, Terry April 2015
Murra, Cass April 2014
Saak, Ron April 2015
Moats, Blaine April 2015
Schmidt, Kirby April 2014
Schuller, John April 2016
Smith, Barb April 2016
Spahn, Mason April 2016
Swalley, Kevin April 2015
Van Wert, Rex April 2014
Wegmann, Brian April 2015


  1. Financial planning for the organization
  2. Visitation Team
  3. Existing Industry Contacts


1. Marketing
John Schuller
Kevin Swalley
Ron Saak
Brian Wegmann
Dale Grimmius

2. Finance
Blaine Moats
John Schuller
Terry Mennen
Barb Smith

3. Building, Housing0 and Infrastructure
Gary Mauer, Chairman
Jim Copeman
Mason Spahn
Rex Van Wert
Dan Bangasser
Ryan Bingman

4. Legal Relations:
Kirby Schmidt

Regular Board of Directors meetings will be held on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 a.m. in the Grundy Center Community Center. The Executive Board will meet as needed and will be called by the president. Committees will meet as needed and will be called by the chairperson.