Picture of downtown Grundy Center buildings.
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About GC

Grundy Center was incorporated on April 17, 1877, which was named after Felix Grundy, a congressman, a senator and a former US Attorney General from Tennesse.  Grundy Center is located in East Central Iowa with a population of 2,706.  Safe streets, quality schools, immaculate city parks, and well-cared-for city facilities are the pride of Grundy Center’s city government.  From golfing to swimming, theater to museums, shopping to dining, you'll see why we're Living the Good Life in Grundy Center.

Grundy Center invites you to sample the good life! Just what makes living in Grundy Center so inviting? If you asked a dozen Grundy Center residents to share what the ‘good life in Grundy Center’ means to them, you’d receive a dozen different answers! One might mention the familiar greetings and waves that accompany any walk around town. A popular answer might be the high quality school district that leaves students well-prepared for lifelong learning. Another resident might point to the safe, clean streets and the feeling of security that comes with living in a community with very little crime. Still another might point out the outpouring of neighborly support that arrives in times of need. A young parent likely appreciates the feeling of security that comes from living in secure surroundings that offer plenty of activities for families to enjoy. What are you waiting for? We invite you to sample the ‘good life’ so you can arrive at your very your own answer!